Thursday, May 3, 2018

Did I say I liked the warmth?

OK, well maybe I do like it when it is cozy, but this is like the cat days of August..some say (dog days) but I refuse to call them that! I think that some days are just plain too hot! I like to hang out in my favorite place above the refrigerator when it gets like this. I am happy on the tall cabinets. It is so hot, I don't even feel like playing with my toys! This is serious folks! Lucky, MOMMY has a great water supply for me. The scuttlebutt is she is even thinking of getting me a fountain..woot, woot! Yes, my MOMMY is the greatest, but then again, I am the greatest she doesn't have much to complain about! I will check in soon, and let you know about my next adventures!

Friday, April 20, 2018

It's getting warmer and I like it!

Even though I really love cuddling with MOMMY, I do like that it is a bit more comfortable in here now. I don't have to tuck my feet under my fur anymore to keep from getting cold. I hate the summer because it gets way too hot, but Spring, Fall and Winter are usually just fine for me! I was sitting in the sunbeam today in the sanctity of my perch and I thought it is really nice in here, a cat could get used to this! Anyway, it is too bad it doesn't stay like this all year round in my opinion. I could have fresh catnip from outside anytime I wanted! Yay catnip..but seriously, I am enjoying the spring and I hope you are too!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Looking For Trouble

Well today, I have been sitting on my perch with my great view of the world. So far I have seen waving tree branches, and the fat squirrel who runs around looking like he owns the place. I don't really want to go out in the world because it seems like a pretty scary place to me, but I do enjoy viewing it from the safety and sanctity of my perch. This is the best place I can be right now, because I think it is cold outside and I don't want to get my fur in a uproar...I even punish MOMMY when she messes with my fur! Shame on you MOMMY!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Milo's World: I have captured the enemy and it is mine!

Milo's World: I have captured the enemy and it is mine!: Well I have been doing a bit of playing today. Of course I don't really play, to me it is serious business! I caught myself a tennis b...

I have captured the enemy and it is mine!

Well I have been doing a bit of playing today. Of course I don't really play, to me it is serious business! I caught myself a tennis ball today and I made it mine! Why does it think it can roll around here with impunity? I am not going to let it happen. I think that I need to make sure that I always take the time to catch balls, moths, little mice and anything else that wants to invade my domain. I am the master and all the little items that roll in here need to know it..Oh yeah, oh yeah, who's the master? Milo is of course!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Getting on Mommy's Nerves

Well, I have been occupying myself with trying to break into the new roomie's room while he is not here. Hey, if there is one thing I really can not stand it is a door that is shut and designed to keep me out! Hey, what is this? I am a chill cat. I never go potty inappropriately, and I rarely scratch things. I feel that I deserve to go into any room in this place anytime! Who's with me on that? I am sure all you cat's will agree! Anyway, there is a certain reason why I want to go in there and mostly, it is because I want to scout it out! All we cats do not liked locked doors and closed off room..Hey, I own this place!!! Am I right?

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Update on my life..

I have been telling mommy she needs to blog, but she has been having computer issues and has had to juggle from device to device. It doesn't make it easy to blog as she has information stored in a few different places! Well, enough about her, I want to talk about me! I have been enjoying getting to know the new roommate who kind of reminds me of the Jolly Green Giant, except for the fact he is not green! Well, anyway, I am not too sure about him, but to the best of my knowledge he does not eat cats so that is good news as far as I am concerned Wheew! Now, if mommy gets back to regular blogging like she should, I will be happy!