Friday, October 28, 2016

More nice weather

I love these cool days, I enjoy the sunshine, and I enjoy sitting on movie. Especially when she wears her fuzzy pyjamas. Anyway, As all cats know, we love warmth, and when it is not humid, and I can sit on Mom, I am pretty happy. It is just one of the good things that life has to offer when you are a kitty. It will be a great day today, and I am really going to like it. I am so happy when I can just kick back, relax,,,and take a snooze. It is just one of the great ways to enjoy my life. It is almost as good as Pounce!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Well today, was a slow day. Mommy was in the chair most of the day, and I was on her lap. I really like it when she works on her tablet, as opposed to the computer because that way, I get more laptime. I really love to snuggle with Mommy, and when she is on the tablet, there is so much more laptime for me!! Of course we all know that cats can and will sleep 18 hours per day so I am not exception to this rule!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Kickin Back

I am kickin back today. Yesterday, Jax was here,a nd I had to put up ith him seeking all of mommy's attention. Well Thank God it is over. In fact, I had to race over to the window today, when I heard his name. Just the sound of his name is enough to make me break into a cold sweat. Jax is just one of the dog people that sounds alarm bells to me. I know everyone thinks Jax is really cute, but to me he is a threat with a big mouth!! FYI OK< maybe he isn't so bad, he likes cats! Supposedly, anyway! Hmm, we will see!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Prescription Pet Food Scam or worth it?

As Mommy mentioned previously I have been on a special blend of  Cat chow. It is the Royal Canin SO blend. Recently, we were wondering if I had to stay on this food all of my life. I know it costs Mommy a fortune, actually, our friend Steve has been paying for it, and the research seems to be divided on this. Some people think commercial SO blend catfood is a bit of scam and it costs big money over time. I think Mommy is always going to consult with the vet about what kind of wet food, I can try. The big thing is to keep urinary crystals from forming.

Hills Diet C/D

One of the possibilities is Hills Science Diet C/D which is a wet food that prevents crystals from forming. However, upon price comparison, the Royal Canin when purchased from a reputable seller like is actually cheaper. It is up to you as to which brand to use. Other grain free wet foods might be safe to use, and some cat's have found relief by using raw foods from home.

Mommy Investigates

Luckily, I have a Mommy that is willing to go the extra mile to investigate options for me. I want to save Mommy the most money possible, so she can buy more things for me!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hi there friends! Those with and without litterpans! I hope that you are all well and enjoying the Fall. I have been on my toes keeping track of mommy and Chad. I just am never really sure what those two are doing, and it always keeps me wondering. I am going to like it when the leaves are falling off the trees, it is going to remind me to chase them. I just missed a pesky squirrel this morning and I really wish I would have seen him. Cats and squirrels are just some of the animals that are around here, There is one that clatters around here on the porch that acts like he owns the place, and I assure you he does not!!! It is Milo's world, and you just live in it!