Thursday, September 29, 2016

Back to writing again...Cats and Routine

Sorry, I haven;t written friends, mommy was away for the weekend, and I was busy trying to stay away from Jax, the little brown dog who seems to think it is perfectly fine to crawl into my bed...I repeat, "my bed" and sleep. Jax is a piece of work. Anyway, slowly things have gotten back to normal around here

Cats Appreciate Routine

Cats no matter what age prefer security and routine and like to feel safe in their home. It is just one of the things we enjoy and makes our world a little bit better. I like to get up in the morning slowly, have my breakfast, and hang out and watch TV with mommy. It is just one of the things I do, that makes me feel safe and protected. I also like my food dish in the same place, and to perform our daily routine.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Milo in his office appointment required Security always!

As I promised all my fans, I wanted to show you my office, where I spend the bulk of my day. Yes, I know I am cute! Next time I am going to tell mommy when she takes my picture to clear away the clutter so I can have a place of honor. We already discussed how cats like boxes due to their safety and security, and this cat is no exception to that rule my  friends..

Milo in Box heaven

Take a peak at your favorite feline friend as he relaxes in his place of comfort. Milo's office is available through appointment only!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cats and Boxes

Well anyway, mommy was very kind to me, and offered me my own box at the end of the table. I am loving life and my box! It is the perfect size for me, and my new sleeping place. I think I will show you a picture of my new little home tommorrow. It is not too sunny today, and I think mommy wants to wait for a sunny day to take my pic. The box is being added to my list of favorite places. These would include the bathroom vanity, mommy's lap, the box in the bedroom chair, and the box that contains the microwave that needs to be installed.

What is it with cats and boxes?

Cats like boxes instinctively because they offer safety and security from predators. These are some of the reasons that cats favor boxes over more traiditonal places to sit. It is their own little haven, and shelter from the elements.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I have been more active the past few days because it has been cooler, and boy am I glad! Did you know even my big cousins jungle cats, like lions, tigers, leopards and the like are more active when it is cooler too? I mean it stands to reason..who wants to be running around when it is hot outside. Not I, I will tell you that. I think that I am going to continue to enjoy the Fall. I will get into my old habits of playing and exploring. I don't have to just lie around like a wet blanket. I can look out the window view the birds, and do all kinds of things that I find interesting. It is just one of the things that I wll enjoy. It is just for me and I like it. I just tried to pounce on a bird, and that was a lot of fun. It is just great fun for me!!! Jungle cats beware! You may have to compete with Milo, after all it is my world!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's Cooler

I am so happy it has been cooler. Now I feel like I won't melt. It is hard on us furry friends when the weather is hot, we only like cool weather. Make sure that you keep my furry brethren hydrated at all times, don;t cheap out on the air conditoners like mommy sometimes does. Would you like to wear a fur coat when it is 80 degrees? I think not. Cats do well when the temperature is below 70 degrees farenheit. We like to be cool and stay cool at all times.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

well my birthday was fine. I got a new scratching post with a mouse on Mommy thought it would amuse me. However, I don't think much of it, mommy wanted to show my picture on the new scratching post AKA toy, but I wasn't having it.  This is what I look like in case you have forgotten...he he, take a picture it lasts longer.  The bottom part of the image is me doing my best to escape from the scratching post, toy....No pictures to entertain you...No sirreee...not if I have anything to do with it! Anyway, providing a scratching post is important so your cats can get some exercise, and hopefully if they become invested in a scratching post, they may leave your furniture alone. Mommy can try, but she may not be able to keep me away from the furniture. What can I say? I am like that! Oh yes, I am!

Friday, September 2, 2016

It's My Birthday...Gonna Have A Good Time!!! sung to the Steppenwolf tune

Image result for google birthday imagesIt is finally cooler in here, and I am more than thrilled! It makes me very happy. I am not sweating, and I can resume my normal activities! I have been running around the house all morning. I heard mommy tell Chad that she is giving me a new toy/scratching post. I can't wait. I have been in mourning since mommy threw away my cloth cube, that I used to  play in..Anyway, My birthday was August 31 so this new toy slash scratching post couldn't come at a better time..Happy Birthday to me..Happy Birthday to me..Happy Birthday Dear Milo, Happy Birthday to me!!! I post me with the new contraption when I get it

Somebody must have spiked this cat's water..!Image result for cat birthday images