Friday, June 24, 2016

Don't people know it is Milo's World and You just live in it?

Well, Mommy did not ask my permission first to bring the Air Conditioner repairman in! These people are stomping all around, and are in and out of the house. Don't they know that I want to sleep?
Now, I am being forced to hide under the bed...Who knows when this torture is going to end? I am so annoyed! She should be glad I am not...the vindictive sort.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Welcome to my world!

Hi I'm Milo, let me give you my vital statistics. I am grey and white, 6 years old stand about 18 inches tall, (when not on my tiptoes) stretching for those delicious Meow Mix Irresitables and weigh about 8.5 pounds. It could be more, but I have been watching my weight! Anyway, I live with my mom, and her roommate in Virginia. My favorite things in no particular order, are Meow Mix Irresitables, My mom's lap, my perch and and my window sill.! I am going to post every day to tell you about my world...hint, you just live in it!