Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Day

Well so far, my day has consisted of getting up, getting a little grub, using the litter pan, which I like to do in complete privacy, I may add! Hanging out in my special hiding place, which Chad and mommy are clueless to, and I like it that way, coming out for a bit and hanging in mommy's lap. Going back to my place, and coming out again for some cheese. At night, I like to hang out with mommy, but during the day I sleep and rest in my special places where I can't be disturbed. How has your day been? Mine was basically run of the mill.

Yes, it's summer, summertime is here!

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I am spending most of this summer trying to stay cool. I have several hiding places, that are designed to keep me cool. I want to kick back and sleep more than usual because of course I have a fur coat! I am much happier when the temps are 70 degrees and below. All I want to do really is sleep when the weather is this hot. I have a nice shady spot under the bed that I park myself in during the day. I am smart! I know heat rises so on the floor I go. I also like to sprawl out on the floor! How do you other kitties stay cool this summer? Let me know..I am thinking of investing in a fan!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hot is the Word!

I have to  make sure I stay cool because it is very hot out! Luckily, mommy ssometimes shares a bite of ice cream or "cold milk" as I like to call it! I think it is one of the ways I can beat the heat. She never lets it get too hot in here though however. I think that is one of the good things about mommy. It never gets more than 75 or 80 in here, because mommy knows that we pets are sensitive to the heat. She is nice like that..I love mommy!! She is a great cat parent.