Saturday, May 27, 2017

He's coming again!

Things have been quiet and peaceful around here since the little dog Jax has not been here, but good things never last long. He will be back in my life today and I think tomorrow too! Oh my what did I do to deserve this? Anyway, I am going to find a nice out of the way place where I can observe the action and not be part of it. Like Jackson Galaxy, the Cats From Hell Guy says, give us some height and we are usually happy. A nice out of the way place to have our own little space where we can observe the action is right up our alley. It is just one of the good things that we can enjoy!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

I'm Doing a Happy Dance Today!

Today Jax is going to stay with his original owner in his other home for awhile..Can I help you pack your bags Jax? Hey, it's been OK having him around..but I need some peace and quiet. I like to chill, and it is hard to do that with him around. I also like to crash at night and do a bit of snoring. BTW< I am not unhealthy, a bit of light snoring in cats is OK. Jax like to sleep as well, but sometimes he is restless at night..and wakes me up out of a sound sleep! OK Jax, I do not like that. We will see you again sometime..but I need a break!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Restless Night

Well Jax insisted on invading the bed again last night. I really didn't like it, but Mommy insisted on it. One thing about the dog, at least he is small and doesn't take up much room! Jax doesn't have much going for him, but that would be one of the things! Anyway, it took awhile for me to calm down and realize that I had space and time with mommy. I know she really wouldn't forget me! After all, I am her number one son! Meow!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Interloper

So, without even asking my permission mommy is allowing Jax, the little dog to move in here permanently. He is noisy and is usurping my prime position in the house! Wow, Just wow, how am I supposed to get along with this crazy little dude? He acts so silly, everytime mommy comes in the house, Jax acts like she has been gone for hours! I mean..get a grip guy! It is important to maintain your cool at all times. You need to be more like me! I am cool as a cucumber under almost all circumstances. However, now when a moth comes in here, that is another story. Someone needs to show all flying insects and others who is boss!