Thursday, November 3, 2016

My consolation

Yesterday, Mommy and Chad moved the large microwave that has been sitting by the door into the kitchen. I used to love to sit on that microwave since it was in front of the window, and allowed me to view the world..I thought to myself this is awesome. It was one of my favorite places to sit. However, Mommy kindly moved one of my perches over the window so now, I can still look out. However, I am not going to let her know that I don't plan to sit on it. It was a little upsetting but I consoled myself by playing with the mouse on the string.

Hi Fans

Well, I spent a lot of time sleeping yesterday,,,not alot going on here, but I did spend a few minutes on a play break.  We cats ordinarily sleep about 18 hours a day, about the same as are big brothers in Africa. Some days I am more awake than others though, and I will engage with Mommy and those around me. Let's face it we are just more invested in sleeping than the average human being. I do have days when I am sleepy, and days when I am more awake. It is just one of the things that I am known for. I decided to post my picture of one of the times when I was actually awake!!