Thursday, April 27, 2017

So, this morning, I tried to tell mommy, I wanted to get up. I stared at her. I jumped around on the bed, no response. I scratched myself loudly.I tried to politely sheath my claws and poke her in the face.  However, mommy has no idea that I like to get up and get my day started when the sun is up. I have to wait, and wait! Anyway, since mommy just doesn't get it I have to resort to poking her in the face with my claw. No I am not trying to hurt her..but darn it, that woman needs to move! I think that I should try to meow in front of the alarm clock every night, maybe I could get her to set it for 6AM every day. After all, a cat needs to be fed around here! I also want my drink of water, and to get some exercise.

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