Thursday, September 29, 2016

Back to writing again...Cats and Routine

Sorry, I haven;t written friends, mommy was away for the weekend, and I was busy trying to stay away from Jax, the little brown dog who seems to think it is perfectly fine to crawl into my bed...I repeat, "my bed" and sleep. Jax is a piece of work. Anyway, slowly things have gotten back to normal around here

Cats Appreciate Routine

Cats no matter what age prefer security and routine and like to feel safe in their home. It is just one of the things we enjoy and makes our world a little bit better. I like to get up in the morning slowly, have my breakfast, and hang out and watch TV with mommy. It is just one of the things I do, that makes me feel safe and protected. I also like my food dish in the same place, and to perform our daily routine.

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